Critical Studies on Men and Masculinities

Critical Studies on Men and Masculinities (CSMM) has been a rapidly growing area of research within Gender Studies and Feminist Studies over recent decades. This GEXcel research field builds on the work in the earlier GEXcel Research Themes: Research Theme 2 (Deconstructing the hegemony of men and masculinities: Contradictions of absence) and Research Theme 9 (Gendered sexualed transnationalisations, deconstructing the dominant: Transforming men, “centres”, knowledge/practice). It also represents a longstanding development of national, Nordic, European and international research in the three universities and associated universities of key researchers, along with their large research networks and collaborations. It draws on the work of past and present international research projects (e.g. CROME, The Study of the Role of Men in Gender Equality), editing of key journals (e.g. Men and Masculinities; NORMA: International Journal for Masculinity Studies), book series (e.g. Routledge, Sage), and extensive international publishing. By highlighting the naming and deconstruction of men and masculinities, this field also contributes to gender studies on knowledge production and other GEXcel research fields. The research field aims to develop the work further through explorations of theorising men and masculinities, transnational change around men and masculinities, masculinity and technology, and other questions.

  • This field covers the following established research strands:

    Theorising Men and Masculinities

    Strand chairs: Jeff Hearn & Ulf Mellström

    The strand on Theorising Men and Masculinities is a development from longstanding empirical, conceptual and theoretical research and scholarship. More specifically, the strand focuses on:

    • contemporary development on methodologies and theorising on men and masculinities;
    • the implications of the intersections of different feminist traditions and theories for critical studies on men and masculinities; and
    • debates on naming, hegemonies, (de)stabilisations, materiality and discourse, concepts of gender/sex and gex, and the possibilities of the abolition of “men” as a gender category of power.

    Key researchers: Kjerstin Andersson, Stina Backman, Dag Balkmar, Jeff Hearn, Lena Gunnarsson, Anna Jónasdóttir, Roger Klinth, Ulf Mellström, Marion Pajumets, Linn Sandberg, Magnus Åberg

    Relevant publications

    This strand also relates to GEXcel research field, Gender Challenges in Knowledge Production

  • Transnationalisations of Men and Masculinities

    Strand chair: Jeff Hearn

    The strand entitled Transnationalisations of Men and Masculinities builds on extensive international, comparative and postcolonial research in Europe and beyond, with a conceptual focus on transnational processes. More specifically, it develops analyses of the stabilising and destabilising effects of transnational change in relation to bodies, structures, processes, movements and flows for men and masculinities. This includes research on: transnational violence, both interpersonal and institutional; transnational organisations and corporations; migration; environment and transport; sexualities and ICTs.

    Key researchers: Dag Balkmar, Jeff Hearn, Tanja Joelssson, Ulf Mellström, Marion Pajumets

    Relevant publications

    This strand also relates to GEXcel research field, Gender and Organisations