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Research Themes and Researchers

The Visiting Fellows Programme of GEXcel is organized thematically, and subdivided into 12 research themes. The research themes are defined and specified within the general frame of the overall theme of Transnational and Transdisciplinary Studies of Changing Gender Relations, Embodiment and Intersectionalities. 

1) Gender, Sexuality and Global Change;

2) Deconstructing the Hegemony of Men and Masculinities: Contradictions of Absence;

3) Distinctions and Authority

4 & 5) Sexual Health, Embodiment and Empowerment: Bridging Epistemological Gaps.

6) Power Shifts and New Divisions in Society, Work and University

7 & 8) Teaching Normcritical Sex - Getting Rid of Violence. TRANSdisciplinary, TRANSnational and TRANSformative Feminist Dialogues on Embodiment, Emotions and Ethics.

9) Gendered sexualed transnationalisations, deconstructing the dominant: Transforming men, “centres” and knowledge/policy/practice

10) Love in Our Time – a Question for Feminism

11 & 12) Gender Paradoxes in Changing Academic and Scientific Organisation(s)

In addition, three cross-cutting research themes will also be organized:

a) Exploring Sociotechnical Models for Combining Virtual and Physical Co-Presence while doing joint Gender Research;

b) Organizing a European Excellence Centre - Exploring Models;

c) Theories and Methodologies in Transnational and Transdisciplinary Studies of Gender Relations, Intersectionalities and Embodiment.

GEXcel research will be based on the Visiting Fellows Programme and  carried out by research teams, comprising excellent senior scholars as well as promising younger researchers both from Sweden and abroad. The Visiting Fellows will stay at GEXcel  from 1 week and up till 12 months. The options will be specified in each call for applications.